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The sensational "Lao Spirit Resort"

offers you natural living, natural beauty, natural relaxation...

bungalow at the Lao Spirit Resort


The Lao Spirit Resort is located 15 km out of town in the beautiful hidden valley of Luang Prabang on the banks of the Nam Khan River and in the middle of green forests and mountains.


The Lao Spirit Resort area is in natural beauty and a 1,600 meter mountain range gives its very unique flair to the place.

view from a bungalow

It is the first and only Resort project in the Luang Prabang area that is based on eco-style bungalows and a historic house restoration philosophy.


Lao Spirit Resort Bungalow - inside view

Old houses from the French colonial era have been protected from destruction and were brought out here for rebuilding and restoration.

To keep the project running some luxury bungalows were added.






You find a place of peace and quietness that provide a wonderful symbiosis between nature and luxury. Small nearby villages and many optional activities open a new opportunity for responsible travellers who love nature and a quiet environment.


click here to enlarge the image - general view of the Lao Spirit Resort
click here to enlarge the image - general view of the Lao Spirit Resort


The project has not been supported from any organizations but gives new ideas about how hotels and environment can be added to one unit. Even the tourist minister and a local Tourist Authority Member called it a "good example for new ways in sustainable tourism and a place that shows rural development in a new sense of meaning".


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3 days package and activities at the Lao Spirit Resort