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Lao Spirit Resort


This resort is a creation of an exceptional experience between Laotian culture and untouched jungle. Special attention has been given to establish and maintain a good relationship with the nearby village of Xieng Lom.


Lao Spirit Resort : cultural preservation and conservation Cultural preservation and conservation:

The economic development in Luang Prabang is responsible for influencing the local people and their expectations for their homes and housing. Unfortunately old traditional wooden houses are being replaced by modern brick buildings with metal roofs.

The preservation of these little treasures of old Laotian-French architecture is a main part of the Lao Spirit philosophy and project.

Eco-resort in the jungle:

Lao traditional roofThere are no electrical appliances like air conditioning or television which may disturb the laid back natural atmosphere of the resort. Bathrooms with bathtub, open air shower and a large terrace facing the river offer peace and relaxation to the guest.

The houses in the resort were carefully disassembled, transported and rebuilt by experienced Laotian craftsmen on the Lao Spirit property.

Lao Spirit DesignThe bungalows were built in a traditional style by local craftsmen and artists. Materials of wood and stone and interior with antique furniture give each bungalow a unique atmosphere.

The centre of the resort consists of three restored 100 years old Laotian-French style buildings. These are the restaurant, reception and a massage house. An extension of a spa with a pool is now under construction.


Some goals of this project :


Cultural objectives

  • Protect the old Lao-French colonial houses and give them a new future
  • Resort historic houses
  • Create an awareness and understanding of the interaction between tourism and the environment and culture. Especially how the interaction can be used to help conserve the environment that surrounds the resort.
  • Show how tourism can interact with local communities in a positive way
  • Give a good example about sustainable tourism and hotel business


Environmental objectives

  • view from one bungalowConserve and protect the environment in the daily course of business
  • Protect the environment with creating jobs to keep the people away from slash & burn culture and from cutting trees
  • Maintain a healthy environment for guests and employees
  • Use natural resources efficiently
  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment


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