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Elephants in tourism!?


Saving the Elephants in Laos


"Reassert the value of Mahoutsí status and promote economic and social alternatives. The work with the domestic elephants constitutes a complimentary source of revenue for a number of families. The 70 domestic elephants in the Hongsa district generate a global annual revenue of around 350 000 euros that directly benefits over 1000 people through their work in logging and tourism."
(says Elefantasia: without pointing out where this amazing number comes from)

But work in the timber industry is getting rarer due to the lack of forest, and the elephants that are employed on these concessions are often overworked, exhausted and even injured it makes sense to think about alternative ways to survive for the Elephants living in Laos. Therefore we and others have established Eco Tourism activities or better community-based activities which profit all sides, the Elephants, Elephant owners and families and tourists who come to visit the Elephants in Laos.

These activities with the Lao Elephants support the financial income of many employees, mahouts, drivers, farmers, camp managers and tax paying tourism companies who promote these activities.


Today Elephant interaction and Elephant tours in Laos are available in different places here in Laos such as:


Luang Prabang

Hong Sa - Sayabouli

Champassak - King fisher Lodge, Waterfalls, Phou Asa...

Vientiane at the Elephant watch tower